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Hopi Emergency Medical Services
The Hopi Tribe | Department of Public Safety and Emergency Services
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Hopi Emergency Medical Services is a tribal EMS program operating on the Hopi Indian Reservation 24/7/365. Hopi EMS provides services to the Hopi, Tewa, and several Navajo Nation communities. Our department is based at the Hopi Health Care Center just west of Polacca, Arizona. We operate out of both the Hopi Health Care Center and the Kykotsmovi Wildland Fire Building to provide coverage to both the west and east areas of the Hopi Indian Reservation. Currently, we serve First Mesa areas, Tewa Village, Hotevilla, Bacavi, Jeddito, Keams Canyon, Kykotsmovi, Mishongovi, Old Oraibi/Oraibi, Polacca, Second Mesa areas, Sichomovi, Shungopavi, Sipaulovi, Third Mesa areas, and Walpi.

Our program provides both advance life support and basic life support pre-hospital emergency care along with other services including vehicle extrication and high angle rope rescue. Every member of our team strives to provide crucial care while utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest training in the pre-hospital community. We serve to improve the lives of our patients both in the field and through education and training.

Over the past several decades, our department has grown tremendously and today we stand proud of our accomplishments. We have in our fleet 7 ambulances including a utility vehicle, an administrative vehicle, and a rescue vehicle; the organization runs 3 fully stocked ambulances, 2 of which run full-time with a crew of 2 in each ambulance. We are one of several Northern Arizona EMS agencies whose EMT's are trained in providing IV therapy for fluid resuscitation in both a 911 setting and during inter-facility transports.

In addition to 911 calls, inter-facility transports are made between the Hopi Health Care Center to more than 8 other medical facilities including Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, Flagstaff Medical Center, Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility, Sage Memorial Hospital, Fort Defiance I.H.S., Little Colorado Medical Center, Gallup Indian Medical Center, and Pineview Behavioral Health Center in Lakeside, Arizona.

Currently, our organization employs 10 EMT's and 10 Paramedics all of whom hold local and national certifications through the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of EMS & Trauma System and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Hopi EMS EMT's receive their medical control through the Hopi Health Care Center while the Paramedics receive their medical control through the Flagstaff Medical Center Pre-hospital Care Program. Hopi EMS adheres to state and local EMS protocols provided by the Northern Arizona EMS Council, Flagstaff Medical Center, and the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of EMS & Trauma System. Hopi EMS is an organization member of the National Native American EMS Association, the Northern Arizona EMS Council, and the Flagstaff Medical Center's Pre-hospital Care Program.

Each unit carries numerous state-of-the-art equipment and supplies with each having a specific purpose to carry out everyday duties in cardiac, airway, vascular, and extremity related cases.

Hopi EMS is under the Department of Public Safety & Emergency Services of The Hopi Tribe headed by Department Director Roger Tungovia. A P.L. 93-638 contract is held through the Phoenix Area Indian Health Services. The Hopi Tribe and Hopi EMS have plans to build a second base station in the near future, which will provide full-time services to the western area of the Hopi Tribe.

We strongly encourage community members and EMS students to explore our EMS program by volunteering. Our program is preceptorship friendly.


Our Mission

To provide and sustain quality emergency medical and rescue services including community and health and injury prevention education to all residents and visitors of the Hopi EMS Service Area, by certified, prepared, and compassionate personnel.


Anthony 'Tony' Huma

Department Director

Lance Honeyestewa

Department Supervisor

Ione Lomayestewa

Department Secretary/Billing

Olivia Dennis

Department Project Manager

Our Equipment

  • Zoll X-Series Cardiac Monitor with EtCO2 and CO measuring capabilities
  • Zoll AutoPulse for Cardiac Resuscitation
  • Oxygen-powered Auto-Vent for intubated patients
  • CMAC Video Portable Laryngoscope for endotracheal intubations
  • Kendrick Traction Splint for extremity fracture stabilization
  • Thermal Angel IV Fluid Warmer for hypothermia
  • Masimo Portable CO (Carbon Monoxide) Monitor
  • The EZ-IO Intraosseous System for Vascular Access
  • Extremity and Body Rigid Vacuum Splints for Immobilization
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) System for airway emergencies

For emergencies, please dial the Hopi BIA Police directly at
(928) 738-2233.

Code 3 Run

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Registration opens at 4:30 pm (Arizona time)
Race starts at 6:00 pm (Arizona time)
Race participants receive Code 3 race t-shirt and prizes to top runners in category (While supplies last).
Please be aware of re-pavement project at HHCC.
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